Moon Bounce - EME

Do you remember? Never start operating on 6 meters - it is addictive! - H HHere is my next warning: 6 m EME is even more addictive!

The 6 meters band is sometimes very unatractive, i.e. when there is not a trace of propagation or activity. There is, however, a way to keep the activity up, by using EME (Earth Moon Earth) propagation. In this case you use the moon as a passive reflector. You bounce your signal on the surface of the moon and back to a station, which can be located anywhere on the earth, as long as you both have the moon above the horizon. EME is thrilling and addictive but it is also rewarding for us wanting to work as many countries as possible. For stations in northern Europe it might be the only chance to work with stations in, for example, the Pacific area.

As a lot of transmitted power is lost (the moon is a lousy reflector) it is a must to have a good antenna, but anything from a 5 elements yagi will work when the propagation is optimal and the station you are trying to work has a good set up.

My present antenna with the moon in the background


Below are two examples of expeditions, which I never would have worked if they were not active on EME:

TX5K on Clipperton Island
The 6m EME op was Lance, W7GJ


VK0JJJ from the Mawson base in Antarctica



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