VK9CGJ & VK9XGJ 6m EME expedition 2017

  For general information about this trip please visit W7GJ

Please read this before calling Lance as it is vital for you success:  READ ME


The VK9XGJ QTH and the antenna aiming at the hidden moon


Lance has good access to the web from VK9X, so you can read all info and up dates: HERE

September 14th

From the cluster:

2017-09-14 23:01:20Z   VK9CGJ Lance   Yes, great fun here.... this is my first full moon pass - 17 stns logged so far.
2017-09-14 06:01:18Z   VK9CGJ Lance   worked s59a, ur0mc, f6bki, zs6nk, zs4tx, k2zd and s51v

Septeber 13th

From the cluster:

12:41:25    VK9CGJ Lance  SWR too high - can't TX Will have to wait for dallight tmrw to investigate.

September 12th:

I finally got access to my email again while here at the Perth airport waiting for the flight to VK9C via VK9X.  All the gear is checked through to VK9C, although they would not guarantee the arrival of all the gear, due to the large amount
of baggage headed for Cocos/Keeling.  Fingers crossed that all the gear will also be there when I arrive there tonight!!
I don't know how long it will take me to get a chance to provide another email update from VK9C, but I hope to be able to provide more news by this time tmrw.

September 8th:

Lance has started his trip and he flew out of Seattle today, bound for VK9.


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