My 50 MHz equipment is as follows.


  • Yeasu FT-1000MP Mark V + Transverter Yeasu FTV-1000
  • Yeasu FT-2000D
  • ICOM IC-7300


  • Max legal power


  • 4x9 elements, 2 wl, M2 yagis, H mounted with 8,0 x 8,0 meters spacing, the upper pair is at 24 meters agl.
  • 9 elements, 2 wl, M2 yagi, at 15 meters agl.

Operating modes:

  • CW
  • SSB
  • JT65A
  • (JT6M)
  • MSK144
  • FT8


My QTH is located in the middle of a farming area, in a landscape very similar to a pancake. Below is a 500 km plot showing the surrounding terrain. As you can see I'm almost living in the sea with a great take off.


Copyright Bo Nilsson, SM7FJE 2017

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