I was born in 1953. My father, SM7AED (now silent key), and later my mother, SM7DBI (now silent key), woke my interest for amateur radio. I started as a second operator and appeared for the first time in the Swedish ham magazine, QTC, in 1955. On January 4th 1971 I received my own call, SM7FJE, and two years later I passed the test for the A certificate (80 l.p.m. CW). My focus was on the 2 meters band but I did a bit of contesting on shortwave too, both on CW and SSB. For more then 10 years I helped a scout group with the Jamboree on the Air and this activity resulted in several new hams. During a long period of years I also held courses resulting in more then 100 new ham operators.

1987 when a few of us in Sweden were granted a special temorary permit to operate on the 50 MHz band i quit 2 meters. The result of 16 years on 144 MHz was over 60 countries and around 600 squares (without any EME) worked. Since then I have been devoted to 6 meters and I still am. It all started with a 7 Watt transverter and a 5 elements TV antenna but during a F2 maximum. It was actually possible to work WAC (worked all continents) on one and the same day, which I also did - twice!

My intention is to continue this story, when time allow, and give you a few happy stories from the past.

Copyright Bo Nilsson, SM7FJE 2017

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