Not just another W7 station

It does maybe not sound very exciting with a W7 callsign under "Memories", but this is a very different story. Read this page to the end and you will understand what I mean.

SM7FJE - Karen (Lance's xyl) - W7GJ
Photo taken at the 2014 6m BBQ in Texas

Lance, W7GJ, is a personal friend of mine and we have met in person several times over the years. He is also the easies station to try EME with on 6m. If you fail you have to improve your station, change QTH or seek a new hobby. With a very good station and "long ears" he has given many stations their first EME QSO on 6m. If you want to learn more about Lance or EME i suggest you go to his site. LINK

Over the years Lance have been travelling to rare locations and given me (and many other 6m operators) many sleepless night and a good number of new DXCC countries. See the cavalcade below.


2016 Lance had to do a repeat of his V6M expedition due to the bad luck and the station break down in 2015. On his way there he made a stop in T8 and added yet a new DXCC to my collection. Thanks Lance!



2015 Lance made an expedition to the remote Ulithi Atoll in Micronesia. This trip will never be forgotten by Lance nor by the 6m EMEer waiting to get a new DXCC. The atoll was hurt badly by a typhoon and there were lots of limitations before Lance could get a landing permit. The hut used had a leaking roof and the AC supply was very unreliable. I was lucky to be the first in the EME log this expedition and was followed by 36 other lucky fellows. Then the jumping mains resulted in a destroyed power amplifier and its external power supply. The catastrophe was a fact and a frustrated Lance had to travel back to food, tap water and a dry bed to sleep in.


2014 Lance and xyl Karen went to KH8 and an amazing VHF locations in the mountains. This resulted in a new SM "first" and was confirmed by the QSL below.




2013 Lance went together with a large group of HAMs to activate the Clipperton Island, which is a tiny atoll in the Pacific Ocean a weeks sailing from the coast of Mexico. The island is inhabited only by crabs, boobies and rats. He gave many of us a new country that we never would have dreamed of. Below you can see the EME antenna, with local spectators and a military ship in the background. The picture under that is the QSL with the operating tent, antenna and the moon.


2012 Lance went to Niue. This expedition gave me a lot of new gray hair. The first day I tried to work Lance the Faraday rotation did not allow him to hear anything from me. As you can see below I heard a lot.


The following day the QSO was completed in a very short time, and therefore I'm the proud owner of the QSL below.


2011 Lance activated Samoa, which rapidly was worked


2010 Fiji was put on the EME map by Lance


2009 was Lance first EME expedition on 6m and he went to South Cook Islands. There he was struggling with local QRM, so it took some time to complete the QSO. As you can see I had no problems to copy him.

Copyright Bo Nilsson, SM7FJE 2017

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