The BBQ guy and the 6m DX-er in one person


Jimmy welcomming you


The 1st time I worked Jimmy, W6JKV, he was operating /CT3 in 1989. That time he was end stop on my S-meter. 1991 he gave me FS followed by FG 1992.

I rapidly found out that Jimmy was an outstanding human radio beacon who was calling CQ on CW as soon as there was the slightest chance of an opening to Europe. He also is a clever guy and stays on the same frequency all the time, so you did not need to chase him around the band. Instead you could work him on the, so common, 1 minute’s openings. Jimmy also has been equipped with a pair of very good DX ears, which allows him to dig the calling stations out of the 6m noise!

Every time Jimmy went on a new trip in the Caribbean you could enter his call into the log long before the trip and just add date and time after the QSO J! Over the years I also worked him from J6, J7, PJ7, V47, VP2V and VP5. During several trips he was accompanied by Dick, K5AND, and/or Mike, K6MYC.

In 1999, long before the birth of JT65A, I worked Jimmy on 6m EME and of course on CW! He at that time lived in California and I was once invited to join the famous W6JKV BBQ during a business trip. Shortly after Jimmy moved to Texas and so did the BBQ, which I have had the great pleasure to visit several times over the years. This is by far the best 6m meeting in the world and attracting visitors from all continents. At those BBQ’s various presentations are given on subjects like expeditions, equipment and propagation. We also get a good chance to chat with many experienced DX-ers who we worked on the 6 meters’ band. Jimmy is also keeping everybody in shape by serving XE-food and an excellent BBQ. Did I forget to mention the beer and the Frozen Margaritas?





         K6MIO forecasting solar "activity"            W7GJ and his latest expedition

I must also mention the breakfast we had on Hotel d’Angleterre in Copenhagen, when he and his xyl Drew was on a cruise in the Baltic Sea. A very enjoyable but too short meeting – we might still be sitting there if the boat hadn’t had a time table to follow.

Jimmy, looking forward to the next one!



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