As on every amateur radio band there is only one person to, on a fair basis, compete with. That person is yourself. This is because there are so many parameters that differs to makes a comparison possible. Here are a few: distance to the equator, the equipment in general, transmitted power, antenna gain and height, local noise level, the elevation of your horizon, knowledge of languages and of telegraphy (CW) and last but not least the number of hours you can spend on the air. Despite all this, it is still fun to compare yourself with the rest of the community, so here are my 50 MHz standings as of today:

Major Awards:

 DXCC (countries)248248234 ARRL 
 VUCC (squares)131012861157ARRL
 Major squares124 123- UKSMG
 WAC 7 7 7 
 IOTA 226 209  UKSMG


General Awards:

 WAZ37 37  CQ
 FFMA191188  ARRL
 WASA2121  SSA




Copyright Bo Nilsson, SM7FJE 2017

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