Sending a QSL, is the final courtesy of a QSO!

I truly beleive in the above sentence so, because of that, I always send a QSL card verifying a QSO based on the following:

  • I QSL direct, on my own initiative, if I need a card. I of course include a SASE.
  • I answer all cards sent direct to me normally within a few days. The answer is sent by return mail, but ONLY if a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) is included or if a SAE (self addressed envelope) + 3 USD (or 3 EUR) is included. NO IRC please. If this is not met, the answer will be sent via the QSL bureau. The correct address below.
  • Cards received via the QSL burreau will be answered the same way. I normally send cards to the bureau once a year around Christmas. Latest shipment: Almost 2000 QSL's were sent to the bureau on Jan 25th 2017 (=all QSL's answered!)
  • I do not use E-QSL or confirm on QRZ.com.
  • I do not use LoTW.
  • I do send more than one card to a station, but only if propagation or transmission mode has not been confirmed earlier.
  • PLEASE don't forget the grid locator on you QSL!!!

As you understand, I still enjoy collecting QSL cards.


I'm also acting as the QSL manager for the following calls:
SI7X and SK7NM
For these calls applies QSL direct only (no bureau, no LoTW, no return via the bureau if without SASE)


My address is:

Bo Nilsson
Benarp 5389
SE-242 95 HOERBY


Copyright Bo Nilsson, SM7FJE 2017

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