EME from a remote place on earth

Craig, VK6JJJ, got an assignment at the Mawson Base in Antarctica. As you know this continent is not crowded with radio amateurs and even less with 6m operators. I was thrilled to learn that Craig was interested to even try some EME from there. He brought with him a 5 el yagi and a 400 Watts PA, which is not much for EME, but doable if you are lucky. Appart from a fairly moderate station the weather is a threat with both very low temperatures (not ideal for antenna work) plus sudden and very heavy winds.


This is the antenna used.
Note the ropes in the front and in the
back to keep the
antenna pointing towards the moon in the heavy arctic wind.


I got a sked with Craig and below you can see what happened.


As you can see I all went very fast and easy, too easy. This is what Craig wrote in a scientific magazine.


The final courtesy of a QSO is the QSL and it looks like this.



The End - of a sun shine story! Thank you Craig for a memory that lasts!

Copyright Bo Nilsson, SM7FJE 2017

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