Everybody likes a goal and I have many. One goal, which I know is unreachable, is the Fred Fish Memorial Award, the FFMA. Nevertheless it has its purpose, it helps me hunt new grid locators in North America.



I will never forget this two way CW EME QSO with Fred, because his signal, off the moon, was so loud that they belong to the category "armchair copy". If it would have been a tropo QSO I would have sent a 549 report!


If you find on the map below that the grid locator you live in or are going to activate and that your station is at least 500W to a 7 elements yagi please drop me a mail and I'll be happy to try a EME sked with you! If you have not tried EME before I'll be happy to get you rolling, as I have done with so many rookies.


NA grid map

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